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Brand Manager CPG Organization

QualVault made the difference in gaining quick alignment on branding communication! What would have taken an hour of discussion with key stakeholders, and no sure result, was reduced to 10 minutes with a unified decision. Putting faith in qualitative data on a subjective matter is hard for most CEOs; letting the consumer voice come through not only helped me be concise but reinforced my recommendation. The tool is easy to use and takes hours out of reviewing videos. I was able to find what I needed, create my clips and pull together a few slides in less than 30 min. I wouldn’t have had such success any other way.

Veteran Moderator 15+ years experience
QualVault makes clipping video a breeze!! It is so easy to use and I am able to give my clients the added benefit of the quotes for use in the report or even for sharing with their key stakeholders.
Innovation Brand Manager Mid-Size CPG Organization

QualVault is a fantastic tool that is easy to use.  Before a recent meeting with a major account, I quickly clipped videos of key consumer statements from focus groups then used this information to convince the buyer that we needed to go down a certain path.  Having visual and audio consumer feedback in my back pocket is very powerful; it brings consumer feedback to life while steering key influencers in the right direction.

Vice President of Innovation Fortune 500 Beverage Company

QualVault has made it much easier to onboard new employees - all of our research is in on place.  Also, the ability to easily access our qualitative research and quickly make short video clips has increased the impact of our selling presentations, internally and with our key customers.