The QualVault Story

Learn why we do what we do

They say necessity is the mother of invention…

We created the tool that we always wished existed.

As experienced client-side Consumer Insights and Marketing professionals, we’ve long been proponents of the value of qualitative. But we wanted more. We wondered, why do we have to struggle…

  • To show leadership how excited consumers got about an idea
  • To find DVDs or unexpired links to share qual with new team members or agency partners
  • To give the sales team a video clip that will "seal the deal" at the sell-in
  • To find old d-guides and stimulus so we don’t have to recreate the wheel
  • To convince the team we already have the learning; we don’t need to spend our budget on new qual to generate it

We wondered, why do we have to settle for reports that fail to bring the consumer to life?

Instead of settling any longer, we developed QualVault

Why settle for this:


“ When you put something on paper – you get the Verbal – and what you’re missing is the beauty of the non-verbal communication. That’s the whole point of having conversations with people – is you hear what they say but you understand their body language and everything else.”


Qualitative Moderator

When you can have this: