See what you can do with QualVault.com

QualVault allows you to:

Easily archive and access previous qual. Manage all qual assets (screener, d-guide, stim, video, reports, etc.) in one easy-access, secure cloud-based location.
Search and filter with ease. Search and filter on just about anything – project name, keyword, moderator, project lead, date, location, etc. Tag videos and clips for easy categorization and retrieval.
Review past qualitative (with quick-view options) so you never repeat a project and always have the consumer  voice front and center.
Create clips to bring your brand or project alive for key stakeholders.
Create Highlight Reels of your most impactful video clips
On-board new team members by having them watch historic qual that drove current activities/decisions.
Share qualitative securely with outside vendors, agency partners, or consultants.
Feel safe and secure that your qualitative assets are safe within QualVault. You can dictate who (in or outside of your organization) has access to your Vault or individual projects.